Spinach Pomegranate Salad with Honey Balsamic Vinaigrette

I think I’ve finally done it. I’ve perfected the simplest honey balsamic vinaigrette. Sure, there are other ingredients you could add to make it more complex, more intricate. But this dressing hits a note of sweet beautiful balsamic that seems just right.

And then there’s this stunning spinach salad to accompany it. Pomegranate arils make the dark green spinach pop and contrast with the creamy white feta, purple-red onions, and rustic brown walnuts. I promise it’s as pleasing to eat as it is to look at.

baby spinach
red onion, thinly sliced
pomegranate arils
walnut pieces
feta, crumbled (optional)

Honey Balsamic Vinaigrette:
1 Tbsp. balsamic vinegar
1 tsp. honey
2 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper, to taste

1. Layer spinach, onion, arils, walnuts, and feta. Drizzle with vinaigrette. Toss and serve.

2. To make the vinaigrette, combine vinegar and honey in a small bowl. Whisk together while slowly adding the olive oil. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

Serves 2.

(Adapted from All Recipes)

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8 Responses to Spinach Pomegranate Salad with Honey Balsamic Vinaigrette

  1. granola girl September 11, 2009 at 3:33 pm #

    I get hungry everytime I look at your blog! I love balsamic vinegar dressings–love to just dip my bread in it so I’m excited to try this dressing–Thanks!

  2. Mark Lydon November 3, 2009 at 8:31 pm #

    Thanks for this recipe. I’d bought a pomegranate today and was looking to use it in a salad when I stumbled upon your blog (via google). Your vinaigrette is divine! I used mixed salad greens, pecans, chevre, red onion and pomegranate with your dressing (those were all the things I had on hand). So delicious. I look forward to poking around more on your blog.

  3. Terumi May 16, 2010 at 2:10 am #

    Just made this without feta and used toasted cashews because I didn’t have any walnuts. It was delicious! I will be making this salad many times again whenever I can get my hands on a pomegranate. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  4. Lindsay Meyer December 24, 2010 at 3:18 pm #

    Made this last night. A few adaptations: used goat cheese instead of feta. Also discovered that we were out of balsamic. So reduced pomegranate juice, added 2 tsp sugar, and added red wine vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper, and honey. Such a bit!

  5. theonlycin April 11, 2011 at 1:59 pm #

    This looks perfect for a meat-free monday.

  6. thingsforboys January 5, 2012 at 2:07 am #

    This sounds lovely. Are the walnuts toasted or just raw?

  7. Jessie January 5, 2012 at 12:01 pm #

    thingsforboys- I think I just inlcluded them raw, but toasting them would add wonderful flavor!

  8. unexpected contractor October 15, 2012 at 9:18 pm #

    This is awesome!